Shineway Pharmaceutical Group is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise primarily engages in the modern Chinese medicine business. The Group is a professional manufacturer of modern Chinese injection, soft capsules and granules, which covers the whole value chain, including cultivation, scientific research, extraction, production, and marketing of Chinese medicine. The sales network covers more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions nationwide, and the products are exported in batches.

Shineway Pharmaceutical Group mainly targets the rapidly growing markets for middle-aged and elderly medications, pediatrics medications, and antiviral medications, and has formed three major dosage forms of modern Chinese medicines: injections, soft capsules and granules, possessing multiple Chinese medicine varieties.

Shineway Pharmaceutical Group focuses on the development of modern Chinese medicine. The Group has realized the standardization of TCM production, the modernization of TCM dosage form, the standardization of quality control and the automation of production equipment, by comprehensively using new technologies such as fingerprint, supercritical extraction, and ultrafine pulverization, together with leading process equipment such as dynamic countercurrent extraction of Chinese medicine, injection washing-filling-sealing linkage production line and automatic soft capsule packaging line, as well as the application of computer control technology, ensuring that Shineway 's TCM products have reached the modern standard of "safe, effective, stable and controllable". At the end of 2014, the "Comprehensive Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine Injections and Application in Qingkailing, Shuxuening, and Shenmai Injection" jointly completed by Shenwei Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Looking forward, Shineway Pharmaceutical Group will continue to focus on the R&D, production and sales of modern Chinese medicine, leading modern Chinese medicine and promoting the health industry.